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Our Mission Statement

Infrared Nation's commitment to you

We promise to build a relationship with you,

our customer, based on trust, honesty, hard work and a commitment to improve, learn, innovate and provide detailed, unbiased, and accurate reporting to make your business better.

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Infrared Nation is a Full Service Infrared Scanning Company based in Eagle, Idaho. Certified to a Level III credential as specified to the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) standards, we currently service all 50 states. We will travel to your location. We service clients in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential areas with the most advanced forms of infrared surveys. We also offer thermal imaging in the Equine and Veterinary infrared catagory.

Infrared Nation provides your home or business with a comprehensive infrared inspection. Equipped with state of the art FLIR and Fotric infrared cameras, utilizing the latest in IR technology, Idaho Infrared offers a non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Infrared Nation currently offers thermographic surveys in all applications

of thermography including electrical surveys, mechanical and industrial systems, roof moisture surveys, leak detection services and moisture mapping, CMU block wall grout investigations, equine and veterinary thermographic imaging.


For more information head over to our services page or contact us today.

Marc Roth


Owner and chief thermographer of Idaho Infrared and Infrared Nation, Marc is a Level 3 Certified Infrared Thermographer with certifications from the prestigious Infraspection Institute and accreditations from United Infrared. For over 16 years he owned and operated SurfaceQuest OC, a specialty construction company and a leader in the architectural fusion category. Marc holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business management and marketing from Menlo College’s school of Business. Marc has been trained in many advanced applications of thermography from commercial/industrial, residential to equine thermal imaging. He is finding no limits to this technology and is always looking to expand on his knowledge of the science by finding new applications for infrared.

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