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Infrared surveys are often performed on rotating machinery, refractory and boilers to name a few. Using infrared technology to locate potential mechanical system failures is just another way that non-contact and non-destructive testing (NDT) proves to be beneficial. Performing this type of non-contact and non-destructive testing regularly can help identify hidden or impending equipment failures. A survey of motor bearings, couplings and other operating equipment provides information on current operations and locates overheating mechanical components.

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool in preventive maintenance of electrical, mechanical and structural systems, able to help detect problems, prevent unscheduled downtime, guide needed corrective action and increase plant safety. Infrared cameras have been proven for more than 30 years in industrial thermal imaging. They can save time and money in a wide range of commercial and industrial maintenance applications.

In refineries and other petrochemical facilities, equipment failure can lead to lost profits and even potential injury. What you can’t see can definitely hurt you. Fortunately, there are infrared cameras to help.

FLIR and Fotric infrared cameras help you detect problems before they become catastrophic. These cameras meet and exceed the most stringent monitoring and inspection requirements and have been proven for over two decades by petroleum refining and petrochemical professionals. They help not only with the difficult diagnostic challenges but also with day-to-day predictive maintenance operations. Using infrared cameras, you can inspect electrical and mechanical components, as well as high-temperature piping, heaters, storage vessels, and heat exchangers.

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